If you follow us on Twitter, you are already aware that Heather and I were on site for the VMAs red carpet last night. We wrote up our experience there for the folks at Cosmo. For example:

We’d hoped that the VMAs — being an MTV jam — would pass around glasses of something sponsored that smelt faintly of gasoline, the better to numb everyone’s stiletto-abused feet. Instead, the only thing on the rocks on the red carpet was water, albeit poured by bartenders, and hidden behind some black curtains were tables of bagels and fruit. Yes, you read that right: MTV picked carbs over Cristal.

To read about what Jillian Michaels thinks about cleansing (spoiler: Jillian is AWESOME), whether or not Nick Jonas is wearing lifts, and if you need a hoverboard, please check out the entire piece at Cosmo.