This is the anniversary of the premiere of The Shallows, a.k.a. the movie where Blake Lively is menaced by a shark while stuck on a rock (I heard it was decent but I will never see it because: sharks). Blake wore this edgy-adjacent Carolina Herrera, and I grappled with it at the time. While I normally grimace at The Sheers, this one seemed well done; the filmy skirt echoes the translucence of water, and how when a person is submerged, you can usually only see a sense of their body rather than a clear view of it. And hey, The Sheers clearly weren’t going anywhere (there, I was clairvoyant) so it seemed sensible to take my medicine whenever it was palatable. I look at it today, and honestly, my first thought is that the plastic bodice might have been hot, and sweaty, sticky boobs would not make for a fun evening at the movies. My second thought is that I really need to give myself a home pedicure.

Anyway, for some reason, back in 2016 we didn’t toss up a poll. I shall do it now, to re-enfranchise you on this very long summer Monday:

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