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I’m going to lead with the sidebar: Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crudup got most of the acting buzz in The Morning Show, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw delivers some absolute knockout scenes near the end of the season, and weirdly I think if the whole show had dropped at once — as opposed to mirroring traditional weekly airdates — then the buzz around her might have been louder. It feels like Internet chatter hasn’t quite carried these weekly drops on streaming services the way it does for cable and broadcast outlets. So, if you get Apple+ or you buy an Apple product and get the free year, check that out and be ready. She’s great.

Back to the dress. Picture it: London, 2016. On a chilly, rainy October night, Gugu Mbatha-Raw managed to exude a spring warmth in this Burberry dress, from a time when Burberry actually made good ones. This whole thing is delightful, as is her stellar attitude about going to work in a downpour:


My dad always had a very reactive face (and sometimes, it was proactive — like, if we watched The Simpsons, sometimes he’d have an expression of laughter on his face for several seconds before the joke landed, just because his muscles somehow knew it was coming). It often mirrored what he was seeing, and I’ve realized I do that too, and I do it every time I look at this photo. Her mouth is wide open, probably laughing, and suddenly mine is too. My face feels her face’s joy, somehow, and I like that about this, and it’s one reason I wanted to share it today. In fact, I’d landed on this outfit and started writing this post before I actually reread what I’d written at the time, but then in the end I did and lo and behold I had said this:

This might be one of my favorite dresses of 2016, truthfully, and Lord knows we all need an extra memory to smile upon these days.

Well. True then, truer now.

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