I think my favorite thing about this event is that Kate always finds it very amusing when William tromps past in his foofy Garter outfit, and you can’t blame her. These ceremonial get-ups are entertaining. This is not nearly my favorite outfit of hers that she’s worn to this event, though — my heart belongs to this coat, forever. One of you pointed out in the Trooping The Color post that she looked a bit Carole Middleton in the suit she wore Saturday, and now that’s all I can see, and thus this feels a little Mother-of-the-Bride to me, as much as it pains me to say it. On the other hand, we’ve got Sophie, and…oh, Sophie. Sophie, Sophie. Just because Camilla is home with a sinus infection, it doesn’t mean that you’re legally required to pick up the mantle of Wearing A Wreath At Every Possible Opportunity.

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