1. This particular waxwork is actually really good. It is amazing to me, the wide variety of waxworks quality. Like, the Brad Pitt one is AWFUL. But the Wills and Kate one is actually pretty good (well, William looks a little melty, but Kate is great). Is it possible that maybe the waxworks artist’s FEELINGS about his or her subject can leeches into the work, and, like, the dude assigned W&K is a royals megafan, but the person on Brad had just been forced to see through one of Brad’s worst movies? Like, Meet Joe Black on a loop? (Although Brad at least looks glorious in that movie, so even that theory falls apart!) And this person is really feeling the trials and travails of Don Draper.
  2. It must be very weird to meet one’s own waxwork.
  3. I appreciate that Jon Hamm basically dressed as Draper to do it.
  4. I hope the selfie of him menacing himself is his Facebook profile pic right now.

[Photos: Getty]