I know we tease Rihanna for her bad outfits, but seriously: If ever there was a night to bring the crazy, isn’t it the time you’re named Queen of West Hollywood’s famed Halloween Carnaval? Parenthetically, can anyone explain to me why they insist on spelling it “carnaval”? Is it supposed to be part carnival, part Carnivale? I object.

Anyway: I am stunned Rihanna went in this direction. This is neither a carnival NOR a Carnivale. I actually don’t hate the bottom half of the dress — the top part isn’t very flattering, or at least, it’s forgettable, but the skirt is at least something.  Still, what’s with this lady ?She looks nutso every other day and then normal on Halloween. Shouldn’t that be flipped? her M.O. is all wonkus. I hope someone puts a de-wonkening in her Trick-or-Treat pumpkin tonight. And if not, then at least she should get a Milky Way bar. Because Milky Way bars are delicious and I believe everyone should have one. When I run for president, that’s totally on my platform.

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