It says a lot about Billy’s commitment to the big swings that this suit, hardly bashful, is still one of his quieter ensembles. It’s still wholly his sense of fun, though; I really love it on him, and the killer shoes are the perfect kicker. Although we had a really shockingly large black spider in our house the other day — the kind I couldn’t simply relocate outside without breaking out into a cold sweat, I’m sorry, I am weak — and when it skittered off this mortal coil, it looked a bit like the tassels on his shoes do. So… maybe I like this even more as a testament to my victory over a vicious beast. Yes. ME. Thank you. Just kidding, Billy, it was great before I dragged myself into it. I just needed a button for this post, and now that I’m typing it’s really hard to stop so can someone please come lift my hands off the keybo

[Photos: Marion Curtis/StarPix for Broadway Dreams/Shutterstock]