First, can you help me figure out which other celebrity Jennifer currently resembles? It’s on the tip of my brain and I can’t quite get there. Is it….Rebecca de Mornay? Is it….Lisa Kudrow? Please assist me. Second: This is so chipper and cute. I feel like the past several years, I have worn out your eardrums complaining that I didn’t think Dior really got Jennifer Lawrence’s vibe — or that she didn’t really care if they did or not, which is possibly true — and that if I were in charge, I’d be putting her in all kinds of preppy, all-American-feeling gear. Wholesome, low-key, clean cut — Michael Kors-y, classic CK stuff. THIS is preppy and wholesome and cute on her, a little whimsical, and certainly reminiscent of the 80s in a way that’s come around to being charming again rather than dated. Well done! Now let this woman go home and put on some slippers.

[Photo by J Mayer/Shutterstock]