Her face is radiant. Her whole head is like, “Yep, I’ve got this. I am so excited for Feb. 22 that I can barely stop myself from screaming ACADEMY AWARD WINNER JULIANNE MOORE every time anyone asks me my coffee order.”

And I LOVE the true red on her. But while I think Julianne is doing this every justice she can, is it returning the favor? That top is depressingly creasy along the shores of Boobbados. It draws your eyes there for reasons other than, “WOW she is in good shape, for basically any age,” which I suspect she would’ve liked better.

Am I, as usual, being too harsh?

  • Yes. It's amazing on her. (37%, 1,871 Votes)
  • No. It's wonkus. He's a professional. He should be able to make something that doesn't do that. (58%, 2,948 Votes)
  • No. NOT HARSH ENOUGH. (5%, 231 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,050

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