I really dislike this. But I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t like the dress — I don’t — or because I also feel like this haircut does her no favors and therefore I think this entire look combines to turn into kind of a hot mess:

I don’t dislike short hair, at all — I loved it on Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway and of course on Halle Berry — but I think HER short hair looks better like this, which is only infinitesimally longer. (She also looks cute in a bob. Apparently, I have a lot of thoughts on Maggie’s hair.) This particular hair, though, looks like a mistake, like one of her kids stuck some gum in her bangs and the only way out was off.

Additionally, this dress — which is CUSTOM LANVIN — is SO fussy, and if Maggie Gyllenhaal is anything, she is not fussy. You know some people who just look ridiculous in anything with a ton of bells and whistles? I happen to be one of them, and so is she.  Like, I am sure the detailing on this is exquisite, but she also looks like she’s in costume as a Faberge egg. INTENTIONALLY. She is INTENTIONALLY A FABERGE EGG.

She looked overly fussy earlier this weekend, too. I fear we’re entering a weird fussy phase for Maggie. Also, the more I say the word “fussy,” the less it means:

This is better, maybe? But, God, when will our sheer torture end? WHEN?

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