You can bet Dior did not DARE send Angelina a pair of underpants with a shower curtain over them. Or a Dior bra and tennis skirt. And if ANYONE even TRIED to suggest that she wear a set of straps with the logo stamped on it, they were most likely fired just so they could be rehired and then fired again. Then again, it’s not like I could see Charlize Theron wearing this, particularly, but Jennifer Lawrence should’ve been in line for it. Do you think she got put on hold when Angelina’s people called on line three?

Whatever happened, it was a smart get for Dior. This is the best Angelina has looked in a long time; it’s simple and striking without being crazy showy. And more importantly, if Dior can make graceful gray pleated gowns like this one, then WHAT WAS ALL OF LAST YEAR IN AID OF, PEOPLE? WAS IT A PRANK? BECAUSE THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT.

[Photo: Backgrid]

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