The good news is, Charlotte is NOT wearing a bib. (But from a distance — like, in the small pre-download thumbnail — you can see where I might have thought that giant rib belt was actually flesh. Right? Am I crazy? She’s generally the most childlike of the four ladies so there’s a part of me that thought, “… Charlotte has regressed to girlhood as an extreme reaction to menopause? I guess that tracks?!?”) The bad news is, she looked cuter in all the peasant blouses than in this bland, stuffy Chanel-ish knit (it’s actually St. John). May she revert.


'And Just Like That' on set filming, New York, USA - 09 Aug 2021

I couldn’t help but wonder, “Are they TRYING to make SJP looked washed-out and sad?” I suppose we’ll find out.

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