When I first saw this, I thought, “Did they give Marsai Martin the role of the Dalmatian?” Because I pretended to myself, for a beautiful second, that I did not immediately know the Dalmatian is named Marshall and that he’s the fire pup, not to be confused with Chase the Cop Dog, both of whom live in my house in stuffie form and who’ve been part of a number of bizarre bedtime plays over the years (Chase once got horribly drunk at a bar and punched out the snow monster from Empire Strikes Back; he got arrested by a moose dressed as a Mountie but then a Fortnite llama broke him out of the clink along with a Venus flytrap from Plants vs Zombies). Anyway, no, Marsai is not Marshall. She plays Liberty, a new dog in Adventure Bay — somehow the only enclave in the entire world that has figured out how to have 911 dogs who do all the 911’ing themselves, in dog houses that turn into custom cars — but she did at least pop by the premiere in some thematically spotted clothes. It’s swingy and cute and perfect for the party, plus I’m sure Marshall deeply appreciates that her foray into Cruella de Vil’s aesthetic did not include fur. I’ll ask him the next time he’s stuck on a spaceship with the likes of Mike Wazowski, a plush Slurpee from 7-11, an Alcatraz bear, a panda, the killer rabbit from Search for the Holy Grail, and an Among Us dude who may or may not be the Imposter. (Spoiler: It was Luigi. Never trust a forgotten plumber.)

[Photo: Getty]