In my imagination, Kate and Meghan had a lengthy text convo about the various outfits they would be wearing this weekend:

KATE: I’m going to do navy on Saturday. Is that scandalous???

MEGHAN: I’m sure it’s fine. Right?

KATE: And a headband!

MEGHAN: Well, I figured.

KATE: You did?!

MEGHAN: You love a headband!

KATE: That’s true. Sometimes I make Wills wear them around the house, but then his big head stretches them out and I regret it.

MEGHAN: I was thinking I might wear vintage. But maybe I’ll just wear something that FEELS vintage.

KATE: Ooooh! Fun. But not inappropriately fun.

MEGHAN: Question: Will we get in trouble if I “accidentally” spill a drink on Andrew?

KATE: You have no idea how many times I’ve “accidentally” spilled things on Andrew. Three Christmases ago, I managed to knock the entire fondue fountain into him. It was amazing. Harry should have pictures.

MEGHAN: And people think we don’t get along.

[Photos: ┬áChris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images]