Listen, I know Alicia Florrick is not a real person. It’s probable that the story behind Julianna Margulies’ bangs is something as banal as “I got bored” or “My kid spat gum in my hair.”  But every time I see them on The Good Wife I’m like, “Oh, ALICIA, WHYYYY?” Rash breakup makeovers are one thing, but I’d think the bouncy glow of “I separated from my slimy husband and then immediately acted on long-pent-up sexual tension with my hot boss who was my best friend in law school and now my libido is so liberated it’s practically leaking out my ear” would’ve negated the need. Maybe she thinks the face-curtain will help with her SECRETS — like, a half-hidden face means a fully concealed torrid affair. Except the way these two eye-shag each other, that seems like a worse-kept secret than Xenu.