This movie doesn’t come out until March 9 — I would love to understand the science of release dates, by the way; it comes out first overall in The Philippines — so this premiere is very early. But I suspect that’s because a) that sort of thing isn’t terribly unusual, and b) they wanted to get it in ahead of the Oscars, lest it get lost in the post-mortems and whatever other assorted envelope-related controversies might erupt this year. The cast was doing some pre-premiere work this weekend in The Happiest Place on Earth:

Someone please write a movie in which Storm Reid and Zendaya play sisters who… I don’t know, actually, but whatever it is involves being awesome. Mindy Kaling wins this between the other three (I don’t understand pants flaps like Reese’s. Her ankles are not cats. They don’t need to get in and out for exercise) She looks spectacular. The dress is from the new collection at L.K. Bennett, a former Kate Middleton fave — it’s been awhile there, actually, hasn’t it? I remember when Kate and Mindy Lahiri wore the same blue and white poppy dress by that brand. Apparently Mindy’s love affair with it continues apace:

Living my best @cristinaehrlich @kimblehaircare @cindy_j_williams life

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That’s also one of the new LK Bennetts, and these are terrible, terrible discoveries for my wallet. TERRIBLE.

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We also had a press conference, at which it would seem no one got full-body fashion shots. COLOR ME CROSS. It may not seem important, but it is! Fashion oglers are at least half of the press you’re going to get, y’all. It does seem as if this outfit on Rowan Blanchard is very cool.

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I don’t mean to overstate this, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw MIGHT be a perfect human.

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Mindy again looks wonderful — I spy a spicy velvet shoe — and as if she was never even pregnant at all. I can’t wait for our first sanctioned baby pic of Katherine Kaling, and also for her to grow up to be a badass president.

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“And you get a press conference, and YOU get a press conference!”

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