Coming off the Spring show that honored her slain brother, Donatella took things in a fairly chipper direction, with a flurry of colors and patterns and a LOT more coverage than the past couple years of Kate Hudson’s clothes recall. Vogue’s take:

Donatella said that to her, [these new] pieces meant “mystery, which is always glamorous.” Then again, she’s always been a woman whose eyes are open to diversity. Today, inclusiveness takes in the fact that there are so many cultures in the world where modesty is a standard requirement—yet a requirement that does not necessarily preclude fashion-consciousness. During London Fashion Week, we have reported the parallel London Modest Fashion Week, just the tip of an emerging market which spans continents and millions of young women who relate. Elsewhere this season, we’ve seen head scarves, balaclavas, and the like beginning to turn up on runways, looking like edgy, geeky gestures. Here, Donatella Versace’s endorsement made much more of a thing of it.

Let’s go style shopping, y’all.