Chloe Grace Moretz went to Toronto to promote her new horror flick, Shadow In The Cloud, directed by Roseanne Liang — who also rewrote the script, originally by Max Landis (who still gets primary credit), whom the Variety article snidely notes was “canceled by the #MeToo movement” instead of saying “was accused of emotional and sexual abuse.” Fuck that noise, Variety. (Or as my son would say, “Avocado that noise,” because that’s the swear-word alternative he’s using now that he’s apparently he’s decided that he is tempted to curse.) Anyway, the movie got mixed reviews — she’s a WWII pilot fighting actual gremlins, or something? — but it was nice that she had an excuse to throw on some hideous Louis Vuitton and leave the house. I don’t hate the purse. I don’t necessarily dislike the sweater, although the big ruffled neck is A Whole Lot and right in her usual wheelhouse. But the screamingly white belt slashes its way through this outfit, playing off the weird pants in a way that is entirely distracting. So as usual, it just ends up feeling like a choppy Nicolas Ghesquiere fever dream, swallowing her whole.


At least, with those pants, she’s ready in case she needs to fight a fire or wade into a stream for some spontaneous fishing.

[Photos: Courtesy of Kate Jones]