Wes Gordon, the Carolina Herrera designer, told Vogue (still the best resource for this stuff) that he didn’t want the pragmatism of the moment to imprint ENTIRELY on the clothes, but there was one concession to it:

All that said, Gordon is well aware that this crisis is changing customers’ shopping habits. The brides who might’ve come to the label for a traditional gown are hosting backyard weddings and other informal affairs, and the dresses they’re looking for are similarly more unconventional. In response, he’s recut six cocktail numbers he’s had success with in previous seasons in white. 

That’s an interesting hat-tip to the notion that the line’s bread is buttered largely by weddings.

* LATE EDIT to note that apparently this isn’t Spring/Summer, it’s Resort. Well! Enjoy anyway! (And thank you for the heads up!)

[Photos: Shutterstock]