Here’s my usual caveat about Drunkface McCord — who hardly ever looks drunkfaced anymore, which is so BORING of her — she has been pretty funny on 90210 of late. She still delivers her lines too fast, but there is something about her that is both very sympathetic and also really funny. Which is a strong combo. ALTHOUGH: this most recent showrunner is smoking crack. Last season was really good, and this season has already involved: the worst’s most unrealistic real estate deal; Dixon turning into David Silver; the unraveling of basically the most interesting development of last season’s finale (Naomi here getting knocked up by her cute nerd boyfriend); and an apparent commitment to rehabilitating Adrianna, who is actually a really good and interesting villain.

ANYWAY. Back to ol’ McCord:

Twenty bucks says that is NOT the way this outfit was supposed to turn out.  It looks like one of those Project Runway disasters where the designer runs out of time and decides that a scarf can double as a shirt. Heads up, you guys: a scarf is not a shirt. A scarf has never been a shirt. And while we’re at it, I think your skirt is actually Spanx. Is it possible everything you were supposed to be wearing tonight somehow got thrown into an industrial-strength shredder, and this is all that was left in your hotel room? In which case: Bravo for enduring it with a smile.