Reese Witherspoon is one of those celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, who I think should be pregnant all the time because she looks great that way. Not that she doesn’t look great otherwise, but she just wears it so well.

I mean. What a dish. In fact, it reminds me faintly of one of my all-time favorite Angelina Jolie dresses, when she was ripe with Knox and Vivienne and dazzled everyone in green — also at Cannes, actually. On the one hand, I’m surprised all these pregnant ladies are willing to spend so much time in France — so much delicious cheese and wine they aren’t supposed to eat! — but on the other, how awesome when you can show your future child these pictures and be like, “See all these desperate models showing off their thongs? You and I looked better than ALL OF THEM.”

[Photos: Getty]