If you were wondering to whom I referred in the Reese Witherspoon post, when I referenced panty-flashing, then allow Anja Rubik to answer that:

Girl, please. You have spent a lot of time and energy this year trying to be as nakedly clothed as possible, putting — as I am too often fond of saying — the “moron” in “oxymoron.” If you’d put half that effort into biosciences, society might have kicked the common cold for good by now.

I mean:

There is definitely something cool and artistic about this dress; it’s just that a) it’s working so very hard to make you stare at her crotch, yet b) it’s leotard-based, so as optical illusions go, it’s not even a very good one. Imagine if the effort in cutting that material (leather?) had been matched in building it into a dress that was itself the art, as opposed to just the frame for her upper thighs. Sigh.

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