We had a TON of e-mails about this dress, ranging from, “Jennifer Aniston wore orange and she looks AWESOME,” to, “Ugh, did you see Jennifer Aniston in her vagina-boobs dress?”

I see both sides of that. Part of me thinks this is really pretty, and part of me — although maybe just because the image has been put in my head — think it does something sort of raunchy to her chest, although I might’ve gone with Buttock Boobs instead. Also, the way it bags around her groin kind of looks like a tongue sticking out at me. And the hair looks decidedly meh — a little brassy and overbleached, although not where it counts (hi, roots!). Maybe it’s self-sabotage, like she’s trying to thwart her enduring hair fame.

But, you know, it’s orange! Jennifer Aniston never wears orange. Does she get points for trying? Or does the Fug Nation scoreboard tolerate no mercy rule?


  • It's awesome. Points! (38%, 6,225 Votes)
  • It's atrocious. Demerits! (21%, 3,561 Votes)
  • It's... better. Tiebreak? Somehow? (41%, 6,795 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,581

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