This must either be a promotional piece, or one of those slow-mo hero shots in the Charlie’s Angels pilot where the three hot girls in their matching white dresses come trotting out of a hotel while a wind machine blows their hair. Blah blah blah. What I really want to know is whether we think any of these people look good in their dresses. Rachael Taylor — whom you might recognize right now as Callie’s OB on Grey’s Anatomy — looks slim and awesome of leg, to be sure, but also like an unmade bed. That angle on Minka Kelly makes her look droopy. Annie Ilonzeh fared the best, despite getting YSLs instead of the uber-trendy Louboutins, but her top ALSO kind of looks like she left the Do Not Disturb sign on her hotel room all day. I don’t know. Is this a glamorous-enough glamour shot?

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But seriously, is this show going to be any good?

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[Photos: WENN and Flynet]