GFY was just cruising up on its third birthday when when we wrote up this Giles Deacon dress. In fact, it was only the second BAFTAs outfit we’d ever covered; everything felt newer and fresher then, including the opportunity to write about an explosive mermaid hem via a Miss Muffet joke. We called it “a cushy little tuffet […] so when her shoes start to massacre her feet, Miss Muffet up there can just lean backward and sit. Excellent thinking.” Ah, memories. (I highly doubt that was even our first Miss Muffet joke. It certainly wasn’t our last. The little miss provides such a useful visual image.)

Ten years later, I stand by the absurdity of the silhouette. Most of the dress looks like it’s choking all movement, and then suddenly she has more room than she could possibly need, unless her shins can spin freely like pinwheels from the knee joint. (Which would, admittedly, be quite a party trick.) I’m surprised I didn’t, at the time, make reference to how the puffball very nearly looks like it’s been emitted from her rear end. I must’ve been having an off day. In fact, I’m downright astonished that 2007 Heather didn’t make up a juvenile, farcical old adage to serve as a fashion rule — “If it steps on your crack, send that mother back,” or something. I guess that one was for you, 2007 Heather, you youthful hack.

Verdict: Re-fug

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