I saw Avatar when it came out in 2009, and have never thought about it again, except to marvel at why it needed four sequels. I can’t even remember what happened. Sigourney Weaver was there. Everyone was blue. Was there a tree? All of that sounds like I’m trying to recall some surrealist dream. But here we are with Avatar II finally about two and a half weeks away, and so far Zoe Saldana is doing the early PR work. This Gucci ensemble has a dated Fashion Power Bitch edge, more than I’d expect for the morning shows. It says, “Ask me about my Blackberry, and then I’ll ask which one, because I have three.” I can’t help feeling like if you don’t have room for both your large belt and your tie, maybe pick one instead of tucking the latter into the former?

This is a much simpler outfit:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 28, 2022

But, it’s pretty well-executed. THIS one says, “My Blackberry? What do you think this is, the first Avatar press tour?”

[Photos: Raymond Hall/GC Images]