There is a great piece on Vogue about this particular benefit, calling it “a huge four-day retail event to benefit the New York City AIDS Fund,” and noting that this event raised four million dollars. You should definitely read it – it’s part of Vogue’s excellent series about “fashion’s response to the AIDS crisis,” which they ran a few years ago. But beyond directing you there, I barely even want to waste your time by writing an intro. Just know that everyone here is VERY famous and young and Iman and David Bowie look so in love that you will barely be able to stand it and everyone is smoking (literally although also I guess figuratively) and there are multiple iconic haircuts and famous designers and Diane von Furstenberg is wearing something INSANE and Karl Lagerfeld has a lapel pin with Anna Wintour’s face on it. All for a truly excellent cause!

[Photos: Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]