The dress Zendaya wore on Fallon, above, is cute enough (although not very games friendly; how can you get a full range of motion in a full-length gown? I’d worry about falling over during charades) , but it will fade from your memory as soon as you behold what she just wore to the Sydney premiere of The Greatest Showman:

Embed from Getty Images

This is EXCEPTIONAL and I’m deeply annoyed that we don’t have it in our normal photo subscriptions (YET! It may pop up later, and if so, I’ll swap out this embed for a high res shot, so you can zoom in; if the embed isn’t showing up for you, try refreshing your browser.) It is dramatic, and creative, and perfect for a circus movie — but still elegant, aided as it is by her flawless face. If Demi Lovato is showing up places looking extremely crazy because stylist Law Roach is too busy worrying about Zendaya right now…I think we’re ALL okay with that, now that we’ve seen this. Even Demi.

[Photo: WENN]