It’s always fun and interesting to me to try to figure out why a given member of an ensemble film is selected to promote it, and where; just recently Anna Kendrick went on Today to promote Pitch Perfect 3, and I assume she got the nod for that one because television chat shows are the A list press gig, and that’s where you send your Oscar nominee cast member (she got the Oscar nominee nod over Hailee Steinfeld, of course, because she’s ostensibly also the lead). And then I think several PR professionals have to work down the list — if someone has a personal connection to one place, but you’re only doing a small premiere there, she gets to do that one, and so forth. (I obviously also ALWAYS want to know what the story is when someone does no press for a film; Michelle Williams got out of promoting The Greatest Showman for a while because she had the excuse that she was reshooting All The Money in the World but reshoots are over now and she’s…not there. Michelle, you were on Dawson’s Creek; go promote your circus musical!)

Here, Rebel Wilson is in London and I assume that’s because…she’s…Australian and Australia is a member of the Commonwealth? Sure! (Related, when I was making sure that she was in fact Australian, I found out that Rebel’s team has chosen the exact right photo for her IMDb page.) She’s appearing on a show called Lorraine, which is apparently a morning chat show (before looking it up, I hoped it was perhaps a show about quiche), and reading about which threw me into a Wikipedia Wormhole about British morning shows. It seems like they are often changing their names, which seemed very foreign to me as an American, until I remembered that whatever Kelly Ripa is doing right now has been called one million different things. Anyway! Someone should suggest to Lorraine that maybe she could call it Lorraine! Maybe Rebel can do it — she looks so charming in this dress, I suspect she might be able to talk them into it.

[Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock]