Obviously the headline blew the surprise, but sometimes I don’t want to swerve the car. You don’t always need whiplash. Every entry doesn’t HAVE to be a Lovato-level roller-coaster — and even so, when you get on one of those, you at least know jolts are coming. But we can still go on a journey together, and I promise there is still one plot twist.

When I first saw this, I thought it was a cocktail dress. And it seemed awfully formal to me for a Today appearance, which most people watch while hung over/having their morning coffee/blow-drying their hair in a hotel room because they’re traveling for business (the only time I ever got into a rhythm of watching Today). She looks like she should be nursing a wine cooler at her office holiday party while Janice from Accounts Receivable tries to get people to sing carols and the White Elephant gift exchange takes a turn when everyone fights over the light-up toilet seat. I know KLG and Hoda drink wine on the air, but that doesn’t mean all the show’s guests need to dress for a formal cocktail hour.

But then, and you know where this is headed:

Window shopping #CELoves @annakendrick47 #pitchperfect3

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The twist I DIDN’T tell you about is that they’re pantaloons with flared hems, like her knees are wearing scrunchies. This all seems EVEN WEIRDER to me somehow for Today. It’s not Tonight. It’s not Today: Liquid Lunch Edition. It’s not even Today: Boozy Brunchtime.┬áIf you are dead-set on wearing balloon pants, then YOU DO YOU, Anna, but at least save it for Fallon.

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