I feel like there’s an unwritten law in the world that we’re not to speak ill of The Gosling, and he DOES have a young baby, but… there’s something off about this whole thing to me:

It’s like he just recently escaped from an EXTREMELY metrosexual white-collar prison and had to wade through a dirty lake to freedom. I know it’s really just shadows making his pant legs look darker, but when you add it together with the muddy shoes, the result is a trifle Shawshank. Sans the redemption. Maybe I’m just tired, or maybe it’s that — if we’re revealing our souls here — Ryan Gosling only ever truly makes sense to me after I’ve watched about twenty minutes of Crazy Stupid Love and he’s been walking and talking and I know he’s about to be in a bunch of scenes with Emma Stone (who is so freaking charming she could even make me love a Kardashian). But this feels a few degrees removed from the Hey Girl halcyon days of Ryan Gosling’s interesting suits. Maybe he just needs a couple more naps.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]