One thing I particularly like about Amal Alamuddin is that she hasn’t let her celebrity marriage subsume her work, or her brain. And accordingly, even though she completely COULD because she has all the access in the world, she isn’t showing up to business lunches in fresh-off-the-runway couture.

Or if she is, it’s the very sensible pieces that designers send down the runway as palate-cleansers. I’m sure none of this was cheap, but neither is it flashy; clearly she can and will again pull out the nutballs Giambattista Valli pieces, but for a lunch at which she’s clutching the course materials for the class she’s teaching at Columbia, she went with the proper level of casual chic. The shoes tie into the outfit and have a little subtle detailing on them, the purse seems functional… it could well be all part of a carefully crafted reminder that she’s super smart and Intern George Is All Serious Now as he feels out whether he can feasibly run for any elected office (my pet theory), but here’s the thing: I am never going to object to a carefully crafted reminder that a smart, accomplished woman is both smart and accomplished. I would SO MUCH rather be reminded that she’s got a sensible and aspirational day job at which she uses her sizable brain, than be presented with further evidence that Kim Kardashian might be hollow inside, or given Miley Cyrus’s underboob once more with feeling. So… yeah, the slit isn’t the detail of my dreams. But I love the orange top with the funky collar, and I suddenly kind of want to take her class, which I say as a person who would be a TERRIBLE LAWYER and has not up to this point had any interest in being one and couldn’t stay awake during Constitutional Law. (It was freshman year. Enough said.)

Can I be honest? I am rambling because I’m tired and we’re traveling and I’m On A Train, Y’all, and I don’t have an ending. I’ll just posit that it’s nice to see someone not appearing to cave to the pressure of her New Fancy Lifestyle, and instead just dressing for her posh professional life like the posh professional that she is.

[Photo: Fame/Flynt]