It is a relief to me that people are still doing totally bonkers things in this often-depressing world, and that one of them involved a GIANT JEFF GOLDBLUM STATUE in front of Tower Bridge. LONDONERS. You’ve got to get over there!

I also feel like we needed Informative Caption for this. It says, and this is a direct quote:

NOW TV recreates Jurassic Park’s most famous meme with a 25ft statue of Jeff Goldblum’s torso in front of Tower Bridge to mark 25 years since it hit the big screen.

Featuring: Jeff Goldblum’s torso.

Where: London, United Kingdom

“Featuring: Jeff Goldblum’s torso” just made me laugh. And apparently that pup considered this and found it appealing:

NOW TV unveil 'Jurassic-sized' statue of Jeff Goldblum's semi naked torso, London, UK.


I can only hope that Jeff Goldblum himself swings by and poses for shirtless photos of himself on his own lap. Like a kind of…Torso Inception.

[Photos: Joe Pepler/PinPep/,]