So, I have a complicated relationship with Outlander (the show; I haven’t yet read the books, because my to-read list is long enough as it is). Specifically, the voice-over and occasionally SUPER hammy acting in the first half of season one threw me off, and in the second half, it got so dreary and repetitive that watching it felt like homework. But I did love Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, and unfortunately for him, that means it can be hard to see him out of costume because he is SUCH a slam-dunk in his kilt with his messy hair. Or out of his kilt with his messy hair. Ahem. And so, in honor of him representing Outlander at the Monte Carlo TV festival, let us consider The Many Head-Suits of Sam Heughan.

Anyway, feel free to discuss season one here, since it already aired, but let’s try to keep it spoiler-free about what happens in the books just in case there are people who prefer to let the TV show surprise them. Sound fair?