The erstwhile Brandon Walsh is currently in Cannes, promoting his CW show¬†Wild Cards, on which he plays a Canadian con-man (well, it’s a Canadian series with a Canadian cast so I guess everyone hails from our beloved neighbor to the north!) and which Heather says is pretty fun. I’m relieved to report that he’s popped up in France looking absolutely normal and maybe like someone who’s thinking about buying a yacht.

I’d go to a boat party hosted by this guy! It looks like it would have seafood towers and copious sparkling water and cocktail napkins with the name of his boat embossed on them, and everyone would be jovial yet well-behaved, and the entire prospect just seems relaxing. I could talk to Vanessa Morgan about this period of time when she seems excited to dress in things that are a little loofah-adjacent, and that would be fun too.

[Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]