His given name is John Goodman, it’s true, but I think of him as America’s Dad.

Or, not even just America. The world. He’s Earth’s Dad. His voice is like a cuddle. He leaks decency even, miraculously, when he’s playing a character who might not be so decent. He is a freaking treasure, and if I had been Kristen Wiig in this scenario, I damn well would not have shut him down; I’d have paused that other conversation for a hot second and been like, “BEAR WITH ME, PLEASE, Earth’s Dad, because I need to hug you and bask in your presence, just as soon as I am done speaking to this other person.” Further, he has openly discussed that his weight maxxed out at 400 lbs. and that he’s recently lost 100, so I don’t feel bad noting that he looks healthier and that I’m relieved about it because we as a society are not done with him yet. Three cheers for making lifestyle changes, at an age where it only gets harder to alter your habits.

And now, let’s celebrate him. Got any good John Goodman stories? What is your favorite on-screen Goodman experience? Are you Team Dan Connor? Do you prefer him in The Big Lebowski? Coyote Ugly? Or are you James P. “Kitty” Sullivan 4 EVA?

[Photo: Getty]