So, Boris Kodjoe is on Station 19, the Shondaland Fire Department Drama that is on after Grey’s Anatomy, and thus one of My Stories, and every time I look up from whatever else I’m also doing while Station 19 is on, I think, “my GOD, he is good-looking.” His face! It’s so symmetrical! He’s just…VERY HANDSOME. Behold as he brings you a Sharpie!

But this is also an excuse to talk about what we’re all watching right now. I like Station 19 quite a lot — it is moving into Two Eye territory for me. See, I work from home and have a lot of typing to do, and thus I like to have a pile-up of shows that I can watch with one eye — shows that kind of keep me company and to which I pay vague attention, but which I don’t need to really focus on. A show that I really care about and/or which requires my full attention, however, I refer to as a Two Eye Show. Like, Game of Thrones is a Two Eye Show. The Americans is a real Two Eye Show. For me, Survivor is a Two Eye Show because I just really love Survivor. But, for example, The Bachelor is a One Eye — you sometimes don’t even need one with The Bachelor, especially because it is SO LONG.  Sports are a One Eye Show because you can mostly just listen to sports and then when the announcer’s voice gets all high and excited, you know to look up (you also can immediately get the gist when you look at the score, and there’s replay, which truly make Sports the best One Eye investment of all). Riverdale is a One Eye Show because I’ve accepted that I will NEVER understand what the eff is happening on Riverdale so why even try? But I like Station 19. It is not as emotionally complex as Grey’s Anatomy was at this point — which is a tall order; season two of Grey’s Anatomy was really exceptionally satisfying and good — but everyone on it is hot and likable, and I missed it when it was gone.  What are you watching now?

[Photo: ROGER WONG/]