This is fab on her, and it’s so well-styled, too — that neckline would get mad at if you if you did anything other than an updo/ponytail and yet so many other people would have picked that fight. This is just so pleasantly chic and very understated and sometimes that is soothing. (I might have done a SLIGHTLY larger earring but that’s the nittiest of the nits to pick here.) (My other parenthetical is that I feel like this would be right in Duchess Meghan’s Wheelhouse and she should bookmark it for after Bebe Sussex arrives. )

Also, look how young and cute Gemma’s parents are!

Gemma’s dress is one of those that only work on very specific people and luckily she is one of the people it works on; her mother, however, is in a straight-up classic, and some celebs would do well to TAKE NOTES.

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