I am behind on season two of Ted Lasso, but I watched the first episode, and it reminded me that I am VERY protective of Dani Rojas. Ever since he first sprinted across the pitch in season one, I see him and think, “DO NOT LET ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO THIS SWEET RAINBOW UNICORN FLOWER.” (I also feel this way about Sam, but I don’t have a photo of him today. No spoilers, even though I’m aware of some things; thank yoooou for your kindness.) So, here we are, with Dani’s portrayer cruising jauntily into a late-night show, wearing a suit that I… cannot co-sign. I support the shoes. I see the effort. I understand that he is styled with care. But I have a hard time going cuckoo for khaki, no matter how widely he is grinning. But… lord have mercy, he IS grinning. That grin is powerful. That grin could sell me on sheers. That grin could sell me toe condoms. That grin could convince me Riccardo Tisci is good at stuff. That grin is LIFE. FOOTBALL IS LIFE. AAAAAH.

[Photo: Shutterstock]