West Side Story, reimagined by Steven Spielberg (with Rita Moreno on board), doesn’t come out December 10 — but, might as well be the first magazine to make a splash with a new star, right? So it was that Rachel Zegler leapt onto Town & Country this month, with not just West Side Story coming, but also the Shazam sequel and then:

Next she’ll play the title role in a live action Snow White movie for Disney, but she’s still adjusting to the scale and scope of her life. “I haven’t done any other film projects, but I’m constantly pinching myself—there’s no way this is my life. That comes with a lot of gratitude and a lot of anxiety and a lot of impostor syndrome. I do have moments when I’m like, ‘I am worthy, and I got this job for a reason,’ ” she says. And then, a beat later, with a playful gasp: “But then it immediately fades into, ‘Oh god, Helen Mirren!’ ”

I cannot relate to her poise, nor her skill, nor her enormous early success here, but… that Mirren bit? There, she is all of us.

[Photos: Pamela Hanson for Town & Country; the September issue is on newsstands August 31]