We’ve done our share of griping about the celebs who are being dunderheads — Ben Affleck’s and Ana de Armas’s reps seem to have called them with firm admonishments, at last — but let’s focus on the ones who are being great in this time of crisis and generously helping out, like Christian Siriano being one of the first to use his atelier to produce masks, or Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donating a cool million, to Lizzo buying food for hospital workers. Although it’s also worth noting that many of them are being awesome simply by being soothing. By that I do not mean the ones who seem to think everyone has a ton of time on their hands now to become Renaissance people, and learn languages, and how to paint, and who have been caught suggesting we be grateful for this time. I cannot be offended enough on behalf of the caregivers, the sick and the dying and the dead, the grieving, the essential workers, and everyone who is frightened about their futures, financial or otherwise. No, those people can shove it.

But then there’s Sam Neill’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, which are just goddamn delightful. He talks about pigs and he names his garden gnomes, and then he talks to them:

I think Sam Neill might be one pure thing in this world? PLEASE GOD LET THERE BE ONE PURE THING IN THIS WORLD.

Your turn! Please call out the celebs who are stepping up in this dark hour.