So, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts next month, and as you can guess, bloggers get a LOT of outreach about the sale because it’s a huge moneymaker for people (or used to be; I think a lot of folks have Anniversary Sale Fatigue). And I thought, when I got the first of many emails, “I guess I’ll stock up on some beauty products,” which is my general reaction to this sale — usually, there’s something I regularly rub on my face and stick in my hair on markdown. And then I realized…I am now wearing zero makeup (unless we have a Zoom Book Thing) and using minimal hair products, because this seems like the time to just air dry and let my hair do whatever. I’m growing out my grey, so I have bought some fancy shampoo to keep it from yellowing, and I am doing a lot of deep conditioning treatments, both my usual Olaplex and also the Trader Joe’s hair mask (which is about to stop because I’m almost out, and my Trader Joe’s is the size of an egg carton and irritating even when people are not potentially contagious). These zit patches are getting a lot of work because my mask makes me break out — at least no one can see these zits! — and I’m looking for a new day cream that doesn’t irritate my skin and isn’t as expensive as the Bader (which I love, but it’s so pricy). I’m also testing out self-tanners because now seems like the time. If I turn really orange and smell weird NO ONE WILL KNOW. That is…it? What about you? Have you trimmed down your routine? Have you added a bunch of stuff because why not? I know some of you are still (or again) going into your offices — have you changed your Face To Show The World?

PS: Some of those are affiliate links!