What are your quarantine reads? (There has to be a good portmanteau for that but I can’t quite find it.)

Personally, I truly plan to get started on The Mirror and the Light (the last in the Wolf Hall series) any day now. (These are all affiliate links to Bookshop, which supports independent bookstores.) An okay thing about this nightmare — I refuse to be like, “this time at home is a gift,” although if that’s what gets you through, that’s a blessing and I’m jealous — is that my out-of-control TBR pile is finally getting some action. This week, I read an ARC of Happy and You Know It, which comes out next month and which is perfectly fizzy and fast, ideal for when you want to read about terrible rich New York ladies (as I often do)/if you hate GOOP.  Next on my pile is Loveboat, Taipeiwhich I can’t wait to start.

Heather and I also recently blurbed One to Watch, which is extremely charming and good, about a plus-size blogger who ends up on what is basically The Bachelor; it’s a delight.  I also recommend Sarah Watson’s new YA book, Most Likely, which is about four high school best friends, one of whom — but you don’t know who until the end — grows up to be President. Finally, just out in paperback is Lauren Wilkinson’s American Spy which I read earlier this year and really enjoyed.

Your turn!