This is an Afternoon Chat topic that I recycle every couple of years and it is always fun. (Last time we discussed this was Summer 2020, an era during which many of us were………..not in a good place. Including me.) As I said then:

What are you fervently recommending to people now? This need not be pop culture related — although that’s fun too! You might also be recommending brands of hand sanitizers, small kitchen appliances, various sweatshirts, new olive oils, a kind of plant, some kind of intriguing subscription service, weird home remedies, a useful new app  — whatever. We are here for ANY AND ALL.

Hello, nothing says “July 2020″ like asking for your fave hand sanitizer recommendations! (FWIW, mine is Megababe, to which that is an affiliate link; we use them where we can.)  Although “weird home remedies” and “various sweatshirts” are also helpful for carbon dating that sentence. If you’re waxing poetic about any of those things at the moment, feel free to share them here, but do not limit yourself: What is the one thing you keep telling people to watch or listen to or try or buy or do these days?  I’m obsessed with this sriracha sea salt!