This is a request, and a great one! Several of you have commented and written in, asking that we revisit last year’s Earth Day chat so that we can discuss what we’re all doing in 2020 to try to be more environmentally conscious — changes we’ve made, stuff that’s worked, stuff that hasn’t worked, and so on. So here we are! Personally, I am trying this year to really cut down on my use of plastics and it is SO HARD. I feel like, I had no idea how much plastic I was using until I actually started to look at it — and I say that as a person who works from home, so, for example, I rarely need to use plastic forks or to-go cups. (I was staring at all my various prescription bottles last night and thinking that prescription bottles must make up a huge amount of plastic and I wish Walgreens would just pour my thyroid meds in a paper bag like the olden times.) The other thing I am trying to do is buy more vintage and second-hand or consignment clothing, which I actually quite enjoy, anyway. I used to wear a lot of vintage in the 90s, as was the trend, and I still have quite a bit of it, so WHY NOT. Plus, older silk blouses (for example) are often actually nicer than the new ones. SO! That’s me. What are you doing? Please tell us about your thriving compost pile!