Last year, we had a super interesting chat about what you’re doing to be more environmentally conscious and, among other things, it led to my buying silicone bags to use instead of Ziplocs! So far, I like them but it’s been a learning curve to realize just how many bags I was using now that I don’t have a box of disposable plastic one in a drawer. And I do not think of myself as a person who uses a lot of Ziplocs! It’s been very eye-opening. One of the most important things you can do to help the plant, of course, is to vote for politicians who will enact laws that create wide-reaching change — but, even though the clock is ticking on Planet Earth, we’ve still got a fair amount of time before the next election, and I personally have always been someone who believes that Every Little Bit Helps. Ergo, I’m interested in hearing all your Little Bits. (Especially if it’s a change that you made after last year’s chat, and if it’s worked out for you or not.)