I feel confident in speaking for the majority of Americans – regardless of political affiliation — when I say that this election has been brutal, and everyone is on edge as it winds its way FINALLY to a close this upcoming Tuesday. Basically, I think we all feel as if our hair might possibly be on fire.

(I had an anxiety dream that I went to vote and could not find the polling station where I was supposed to vote for president [in my dream, you had to go all over town to vote for various parts of the ballot, which I’m surprised isn’t happening for real, honestly]. You do not need to be a psychologist to interpret that.) This is not going to be a political discussion — although I encourage everyone to vote thoughtfully on Tuesday, if you haven’t already voted — because I’m sure we all know where to find those elsewhere and are in the midst of several already. What I would like to know, however, is how you deal with anxiety. Stress-eating? Exercise? Taking the time to do really, really lengthy 12-step facial cleansing routines every night? Darts? Heavy drinking? All of the above? Tips, tricks, and advice needed. Me? I know I’m really stressed when I start cleaning and organizing, because I am in general a bit of a slob. Yesterday, I totally cleaned and reorganized my pantry and my freezer. The easier to get to the snacks I am shoveling in, frankly.

Please share! (And if cocktails are involved, we’re going to want the recipe.)