Jeremy Scott’s Moschino show was, he said, partly inspired by The Nanny, a classic sitcom that got new life during the pandemic when people discovered it streaming. But the reviewer was, correctly, perplexed by this phrasing:

“It’s very ladies who lunch, but it’s also nursery rhymes, so it’s baby lady,” Scott said backstage of his seasonal theme. “There’s also a wink to The Nanny,” he went on, because, “Fran Drescher wore so much Franco Moschino, iconic little suits that were such a signature of the brand and that moment.” Scott is the king of camp, so The Nanny angle had potential—who wouldn’t love a Drescher sighting? But baby lady? Power suits and kindercare are an unlikely combination.”

“Baby lady” might be the most unappealing phrase I have ever heard. When I read it, my mind says it in a Jerry Lewis voice. But the collection DOES feel, at the end, like Thom Browne for Babies R Us.

The reviewer concluded that the show, whose creative faults she could not write off to the rain that sprinkled the outdoor Bryant Park setting, “missed on both fun and poignancy.” That’s as close to a direct shot as Vogue delivers. Ouch.

[Photo: Imaxtree]