Gabrielle Union’s Iris van Herpen at the Met was a knockout, but also a surprise, because she and her stylist planned a day of designs with more direct references to the theme. For example, up top here, designer Samantha Black collaborated with stylist Thomas Christos to make a frock inspired by the one Cicely Tyson wore when she won the Emmy in 1974 — a gown we’ve featured twice here in flashbacks (one of which is in a slideshow about how chic she was, may she rest in peace and power), and about which I said, “It’s worth repeating because it’s fabulous, and she truly could have repeated it right now.” Gabrielle went with a summer daytime version, which I think is smart because truly nothing could compete with the original. But I love the thoughtful reference.

Her day began with a vintage 1991 Isaac Mizrahi:

I wonder if all of these were in contention for the main event and she just made sure to find a way to incorporate them throughout the day. Not gonna lie, as much as I would have loved to see some Mizrahi — and even Mr. Mizrahi — at the Met Gala, I’m glad she didn’t bust out that one. It looks like a rich clown’s dressing gown.

She finished the night in a tribute to Prince:

I’ll say this: Somehow Gabrielle Union ended up with FOUR outfits on Met Monday, all of which kissed the theme more passionately than some of the ones that actually made it inside the venue.

[Photo: Shutterstock]