In 1999, Gwen wore this to the opening of a Dior store. Just so the scene is set. This whole image twigged my nostalgia for back when No Doubt was new and Gwen was this weirdly dressed badass with a wild, unique voice, who did her own thing in every area of her life. Gwen Stefani used to be a person with a very set idea of who she was, and that was a lot more kicky fun than 2021 Gwen Stefani who dresses — and, frankly, sounds — like she wants to be the same as everyone else. I know, I know, we’re cranky old broads here on GFY, and we usually don’t like what she wears, and nothing is ever good enough. It’s real. But we do always say we are glad nobody ever listens to us. I mean, if all the kids actually DID get off our lawn, what would we have to yell about? What would we DO? Would we just… vaporize, in a puff of pique? Rock our chairs and talk about Dr. Phil? Other than the hour when we’re in Salem catching up with Marlena and John, who will still be on the show when we are 90 because they will have figured out how to preserve them, WHAT WOULD WE HAVE? Stay on our lawn, kids. STAY. Camp out there in 2022. We may yell at you from the porch but we’ll ALSO leave you lemonade on a folding table.

[Photo: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]